US consumers could soon have the option of goat when selecting meat for dinner, according to a recent report in the US journal The Ledger.

Scientists from the University of Florida and Florida A & M University are conducting the Florida Statewide Goat Program in the hope that new product projects will make goat as popular a choice as poultry, beef or pork. 

Marvin Shurley, president of the Texas-based American Meat Goat Association, admitted that a potential block to goat meat sales is the negative perception it has among US consumers.

“We need a favourable introduction,” he said: “The American consumers’ perception of the goat works against people consuming goat meat.” Goats do not actually eat anything horrible, he added; especially not garbage or tin cans.

Once the hurdle of acceptance is overcome, however, the scientists are hoping that consumers will make a beeline for their new products: Cabrito Snack Sticks and Cabrito Smoked Sausage. These products are expected to hit the supermarket shelves by the end of this year.

Cabrito is Spanish for goat meat.