Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture Tommy Irvin announced today that Voortman Cookies Ltd. of Burlington, Ontario, is voluntarily recalling some of its cookies because they may contain milk protein, a product not listed among the ingredients on the label. Consumption of these cookies could cause reactions in persons with allergies to milk protein.

The recalled cookies include:

  • Chunky Chip Cookies 300g size UPC 067312001408, 400g size, UPC 067312002016;
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies 300g size UPC 067312001491, 400g size UPC 067312002221;
  • Oatmeal Chip Cookies 300g size UPC 067312001545;
  • No Sugar Added Chocolate Chip Cookies 225g size UPC 067312005505;
  • Mini Chips Cookies 500g size UPC 06312007608;
  • BULK COOKIES: Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookies UPC 067312008247;
  • Rainbow Chip Cookies UPC 067312008377;
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies UPC 067312008476 and UPC 06731200801;
  • Oatmeal Chip Cookies UPC 067312008483 and UPC 06731200803; and
  • No Sugar Added Chocolate Chip Cookies UPC 067312005451.

“Our inspectors will be checking grocery stores and food warehouses to make sure these cookies are withheld from sale until they can be picked up by the distributor for relabeling,” said Commissioner Irvin.