This month marks the first annual Free Cookie Day sponsored by one-of-a-kind cookie delivery service The event is scheduled to take place June 29th at Montgomery Street Bart station in downtown San Francisco. Cookiesnmilk mascot “Nettie,” the famous spokescow, will be passing out samples of free cookies, stickers, and other promotional materials to all passersby Monday evening on the corner of Montgomery and Market St. between the hours of 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. This latest, in an ongoing series of summer promotions targets the ever popular dot com crowds in San Francisco’s SOMA district. “We wanted to say thank you to all the new start-ups and local companies who’ve shown their support for our services,” stated CEO Mike Richardson. “Many of these businesses are regular clients who give their employees the added perk of on the job fresh baked cookies. This is a fun way for us to say thank you as well as introduce our cow publicly.” Cookie madness is catching on, as such companies as, and have used the services of Cookiesnmilk for employees and clients. Even Silicon Valley giant Yahoo! Inc. is trying to get in on the action by negotiating possible weekly deliveries for it’s various campus buildings. has rescaled their operational structure since launching as an e-business in April of last year. Previously, residents of the San Francisco metro area had been treated to late night deliveries of goodies, while now the company dedicates itself to satisfying the cravings of the dot com crowds in business to business transactions. This new promotion should prove to be as unique and fun as their online delivery service. is the only online delivery service of its kind, delivering warm fresh baked cookies and ice-cold milk to customers in the San Francisco metro area. More information is available on the company’s web site at