Jim and Sharon Greif, farmers in Prairieburg, Iowa, are again hosting the Iowa Farmer Today publication’s “CornCam” and “SoybeanCam” web cameras during the 2002 crop year.

The webcams, which enable Internet users to witness growing corn and soybean crops, are sponsored by Garst Seed Company. Every 15 minutes the digital camera stationed in the cornfield updates pictures of the field allowing all to follow the journey of the maturing corn. Images of the fields began as soon as the seeds were placed in the ground with the corn being planted 3 May and the soybeans 22 May.

“This is the third year of this project,” says Jeff Lacina, PR manager for Garst. The CornCam began 17 May 2000  and last year was the first year for the SoybeanCam. 

“I’m surprised by the people who are continually coming back,” admitted Bob Davis, Iowa Farmer Today’s internet manager. 

“We get comments from all over the world,” he added, citing examples from Australia, which saw viewers ask if a light could be turned on so that they could observe the field during their daylight time.

The web page is at www.CornCam.comm or via the Iowa Farmer Today  and Garst‘s websites.