Minneapolis-based Cub Foods filed a law suit last Friday against grocery store chain Rainbow Foods, its parent company Fleming, and H. Brooks, a produce distributor, alleging that Rainbow has been stealing Cub’s Sunday newspaper advertisements before they are published, and using the information to undercut Cub’s advertised specials.

The company alleges that the defendants have been engaged in the ongoing scheme to steal the information for more than a year.

“We regard this as a serious legal dispute, which has cost Cub Foods millions of dollars and may have tarnished our hard-earned reputation,” said Cub Foods in a statement, adding that “our president received a challenge from Rainbow’s president to a wrestling match to settle this disagreement.

“Rainbow’s response trivialises what we believe are legitimate and serious allegations, which will be appropriately addressed in a court of law, not in the wrestling ring.”

The wrestling idea, complete with a “Rainbow Rumble” logo, was thought up by public relations firm Carmichael Lynch Spong, which was hired to craft a response to the law suit by Rainbow.
Cub noted however, “Rainbow and the other defendants agreed to the temporary restraining order we were seeking. We will now proceed to litigation on this matter.