Dan Glickman, the former secretary of Agriculture and the current director of the Institute of Politics at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, has joined the board of directors of Green Circle Organics, a producer of premium organic beef products based in Washington, Virginia.

This move comes as the company is preparing to introduce a line of new products to coincide with the full implementation of the USDA national organic standards that go into effect on 21 October, 2002.

Dan Glickman held the position of US Secretary of agriculture from 1995-2001 and served 18 years on Congress as a representative from Kansas. He has had one of the longest tenures of any Agriculture Secretary in modern history and has led the USDA during a time of tremendous challenge and transition for America’s farming communities. Glickman was instrumental in leading the implementation strategy for the National Organic Standards Act.

“Green Circle Organics combines a number of qualities that I admire at the innovative edge of American agriculture: a passion for animal welfare; a commitment to consumer health; and a relentless entrepreneurial spirit dedicated to delivering convenient and flavorful products,” says Glickman. “It’s great to be working with early adopters of the national organic standard as a new generation of farmers and ranchers blend their concern for the environment with their commitment to quality food.”

Garage, Whole Foods Market and Grace’s Market. Green Circle Organics is committed to bringing certified organic meats into the mainstream and working to ensure a healthier lifestyle for all consumers.