While one customer may want some Loca Mocha and a contribution to Share our Strength, and another may want Chief Chokolada and a contribution to Citymeals-on-Wheels USA, both go to Dan’s Chocolates (http://www.dans.com), the first on-line chocolate brand with a charitable focus. And to keep track of these user preferences and more, Dan’s has selected Business Objects, (Nasdaq:BOBJ), the world’s leading provider of e-business intelligence (e-BI) solutions.

Dan’s Chocolates purchased WebIntelligence® and BusinessObjects(TM), the thin and full-client e-BI solutions from Business Objects, respectively, as well as BroadcastAgent(TM), the integrated reporting and broadcasting server from Business Objects. Dan’s employees in the financial, sales, and marketing departments will use the e-BI solutions from Business Objects to access, analyze, and share information to help them improve operational efficiency and customer service. Dan’s will also use the Rapid Deployment Templates (RDT‘s) from Business Objects to quickly and easily provide access to their Lawson Financials data. The system will run off a Sun Solaris platform.

The premier online chocolatier will also use Business Objects to help fulfill their social mission. Dan’s Chocolate’s, who donates a percentage of the purchase price of every box of chocolate sold to the charitable cause selected by the customer, will use Business Objects to track which charities are receiving the most donations from the customers.

“Our customers choose Dan’s Chocolates because we offer high quality, guaranteed fresh chocolate online, along with the opportunity to contribute to the charity of their choice,” said Dan Cunningham, founder of Dan’s Chocolates. “We chose Business Objects because we want to put the infrastructure in place that will allow us to continue to meet these goals as we grow – to consistently deliver fresh, fine chocolate, and to stay tuned in to our customers’ preferences from both a product and social perspective.”

“As a digital storefront, Dan’s Chocolates has the unique ability to leverage all of the information that passes through its’ ‘doors’,” said Bernard Liautaud, president and CEO of Business Objects. “By partnering with Business Objects, Dan’s Chocolates has teamed up with a technology leader that can help them maintain costs, ensure supply-chain efficiency, and continue to provide a high-level of customer service.”

About Dan’s Chocolates

Dan’s Chocolates (www.dans.com) is the first online chocolate brand with a charitable focus and a Freshness Guarantee. Dan’s Chocolates are guaranteed to be fresh because they are shipped directly from Dan’s Wisconsin chocolate factory within days of being made. Additionally, Dan’s business practice revolves around a charitable model, in which a percentage of the purchase price of every box of chocolate sold at www.dans.com goes directly to charity. Dan’s Chocolates is a former subsidiary of Blue Mountain Arts (a property of the Excite@Home (Nasdaq:ATHM) network), whose Internet arm is bluemountain.com: the leading communication site featuring the most widely used electronic greeting cards in the world. Dan’s Chocolates can be found on the Internet at www.dans.com or by calling 800/800-DANS.

About Business Objects

Business Objects is the world’s leading provider of e-business intelligence (e-BI) solutions. The company coined the term e-business intelligence in 1998 to describe the intersection of business intelligence and the internet. Using e-business intelligence, organizations can access, analyze, and share information in intranet, extranet, and e-business environments. In intranets, the company’s products provide employees with information to make better business decisions, and are used in environments ranging from workgroups of 20 users to enterprise deployments exceeding 20,000. In the extranet environment, the company is pioneering the use of e-BI in applications that allow organizations to build stronger relationships by linking customers, partners, and suppliers via the internet. In addition, the company’s products can improve the performance of an e-business by providing reporting and analysis against the ever-expanding amount of transaction and profile data that is collected each day throughout the world wide web.

Founded in 1990, Business Objects pioneered the modern business intelligence industry by inventing and patenting a “semantic layer” that insulates users from the technical complexity of database systems. Today, the company has sold more than 2,268,000 licenses to over 10,900 organizations in more than 80 countries. The company’s stock is publicly traded under the ticker symbols Nasdaq:BOBJ and PARIS BOURSE: code SICOVAM 12074, and included in the SBF 120 and IT CAC 50 French stock market indexes. Business Objects can be reached at 408/953-6000 and www.businessobjects.com.

Note to Editors: BusinessObjects and BroadcastAgent are trademarks of Business Objects SA. WebIntelligence is a registered trademark of Business Objects SA. Other company and product names may be trademarks of the respective companies with which they are associated.