Davisco Foods International, the world’s leading producer of whey protein isolates, will be presenting the ground-breaking nutraceutical properties of BioZate at Hi Europe. Recent studies have revealed that BioZate, a unique hydrolysed whey protein isolate, may be a contributory factor in helping to reduce hypertension – one of the key causes of heart attacks.

The trial results indicate that a single oral dosage of BioZate reduces mean arterial blood pressure up to 7 hours after administration on conscious, unrestrained spontaneously hypersensitive rats. These are considered to be effective genetic models of essential hypertension and are widely used in researching the effects of drugs on blood pressure. Laboratory evaluation demonstrated that BioZate inhibits ACE activity i.e. the Angiotensin Converting Enzyme which contributes to hypertension. Clinical trials on humans are currently underway and results are expected to be announced next year.

Hypertension is one of the principal causes of heart attacks in industrialised countries, affecting more than 50 million people in the US alone. (Source: American Heart Association)

BioZate is manufactured via an exclusive, controlled hydrolysis procedure using ion-exchange isolated whey proteins as a substrate. In addition to its potential impact on hypertension, manufacturers can exploit BioZate as a valuable source of ‘pre-digested’ protein in a wide range of products. Key applications include dairy beverages, yoghurts and protein bars – samples of which will be available at the show.

Laurie Nelson, Applications Manager at Davisco, will be highlighting BioZate’s remarkable properties and their significance for new product development as part of the Hi Europe seminar programme on 21 November at 11.35 am.

Based in Minnesota, USA, Davisco offers a wide range of speciality whey protein products and is the global leader in whey protein isolate sales.

Technical experts will be available on stand C129 to explain BioZate’s nutraceutical benefits and offer informed applications advice for specific product requirements.