Detroit-based meat processor Mark’s Quality Meats has voluntarily recalled 3,600 pounds of fresh beef products that the USDA said were produced under insanitary conditions.

The USDA said the products, ground beef and cuts of beef, were produced on Friday and Saturday and were distributed to Detroit-area restaurants. No illnesses connected to the products have been reported.

Mark’s Quality Meats did not know that officials in Detroit had ordered all residents and businesses to boil water before using it last week because the blackout may have caused some bacterial contamination. The company used untreated water to clean its machinery, reported The Associated Press.

Products involved in the recall were boxes labelled “BEEF, FOR INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY, KEEP REFRIGERATED MARK’S QUALITY MEATS, DETROIT, MI 48209.” Each box carries a production date “81503” or “81603” and the establishment code “EST. 8951” inside the USDA inspection mark.