According to a recent Greenfield
Online survey,, which announced today the closing of its online
grocery service, was the most used online grocery source, with 33% of surveyed
web users visiting the site.

Although was
the most visited grocery site in the survey, this category of online e-commerce
has yet to significantly penetrate established consumer grocery shopping habits.
For instance, the June study found that compared to traditional grocery shopping,
the online numbers are small. Forty percent of 3,000 surfers had visited an
online grocery website, however, only one in five purchased grocery items online
in a 30-day period. Additionally, Greenfield found while the vast majority of
those surveyed spent over $150 per month at traditional grocery stores, surfers
are mainly spending under $50 at grocery websites.

The primary activities conducted
by visitors of online grocery sites are price shopping (56 percent), accessing
coupons (36 percent), and researching weekly specials (31 percent).

The top five grocery
sites visited were:

Site Total % Visited 33% 31% 17% 13% 12%

About the Study

The Ordering Groceries Online
study is part of Greenfield Online‘s Digital Consumer(TM) series of behavioral
studies and was conducted online June 9-14 with a sample of 3,000 U.S. respondents.
These respondents are a key target market for online groceries because they
tend to be experienced Internet users who have been online for several years
and spend over 15 hours a week online. The data was weighted to represent the
Internet population in terms of age, gender and region. All survey findings
report aggregate information about groups, not individuals. To join the Greenfield
Online participant community, please visit
The study is for sale at
or 877.291.9997.

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