Dunkin’ Donuts, Inc. has been made aware of the settlement between the United States Attorney’s office and Suiza Foods Corporation. Dunkin’ Donuts has been fully cooperating with the United States Attorney’s office in the investigation of any alleged failure to comply with tax laws by any Dunkin’ Donuts franchisees.

The activities documented by the United States Attorney’s office involve only a small minority of the more than 1,400 businessmen and businesswomen who operate Dunkin’ Donuts franchisees nationwide. Nonetheless, the activities documented are of significant concern. They could impact the goodwill that honest franchisees work so hard to earn from the public. In addition, these activities could misrepresent the profitability of a franchise, with a detrimental effect on the entire Dunkin’ Donuts system. For its part, Dunkin’ Donuts, Inc. will continue to cooperate fully with the United States Attorney’s investigation.

Dunkin’ Donuts has licenses with franchisees across the United States. The franchisees’ businesses are independently owned and operated. The franchisees are responsible for the daily operation of their businesses. This includes the purchasing of products, payment of all taxes, and compliance with all federal, state and local laws.