EarthShell Corporation (Nasdaq: ERTH) innovators of patented foodservice packaging designed with the environment in mind announced yesterday that it has entered into a commercial agreement with Bon Appétit Management Company. The agreement outlines that EarthShell Packaging® plates, bowls and hinged-lid containers will initially be supplied to the food service dining venues of both Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington and Evergreen College in Olympia, Washington, where Bon Appétit manages their food service operations. California-based Bon Appétit provides food service management through café and catering services to over 200 corporations, colleges, universities and several specialty venues.

“Our goal was to find economical products that are also biodegradable, and we believe that EarthShell Packaging, with its superior environmental profile, is ideal and fits the needs of our customers who request high-quality, biodegradable disposables as part of their food service management programs,” said Jack Spurlock Director of Purchasing for Bon Appétit Management Company. “Bon Appétit is a different kind of food service management company with its own unique perspectives on environmental practices, and because of our dedication to sustainability, social responsibility and to promoting the well being of our environment, our new agreement with EarthShell Corporation is simply a natural fit.”

EarthShell Packaging has begun to penetrate the market, and greater environmental awareness along with competitive pricing and performance are responsible for increased product demand, particularly on college campuses. As announced late last month, EarthShell Corporation entered into a commercial agreement with Cornell University to supply EarthShell Packaging to food service venues at Cornell’s Ithaca, New York campus. As also previously reported, the U.S. Department of the Interior and the U.S. National Park Service have begun using the products at select locations.

Bon Appétit made the decision to purchase EarthShell Packaging plates, bowls and hinged-lid containers after the biodegradable disposables met specific environmental criteria, including being made from renewable sources, other than petroleum or trees. “Today’s news contributes to the positive momentum of our company,” said Vincent J. Truant, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for EarthShell Corporation. “Our growing list of customers, especially colleges and universities, indicates not only increasing market acceptance of EarthShell Packaging, but the widespread understanding of environmental sustainability and preservation.”

EarthShell Packaging is environmentally preferable from start to finish. It is made from a new-to-the-world material that consists primarily of abundant limestone and renewable starch. From the gathering of the raw materials, through production, use and disposal, EarthShell Packaging uses less total energy and results in lower greenhouse gas emissions when compared to traditional packaging. EarthShell Packaging is strong and provides good insulation. Additionally, EarthShell Packaging is 100% biodegradable: like leaves and grass, EarthShell Packaging biodegrades and is recyclable through composting. It biodegrades in marine environments, and because of its biodegradable nature, EarthShell Packaging is also safer for wildlife than traditional food service packaging.

EarthShell Corporation is engaged in the licensing and commercialization of proprietary composite material technology for the manufacture of disposable foodservice packaging, such as cups, plates, bowls, hinged-lid containers, and sandwich wraps. Compared to traditional foodservice packaging materials, EarthShell Packaging is designed to provide important environmental advantages, while being both cost and performance competitive.

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