EarthShell Corporation, innovators of environmentally-friendly food service packaging, announced today [Monday] that EarthShell Packaging® will soon be available in approximately 90 stores throughout the Northwestern US, after being tested in late 2001 at Wal-Mart stores in Portland, Oregon and Baltimore, Maryland.

Plans are being developed for further expansion into select Wal-Mart stores nationwide. EarthShell Packaging plates and bowls will be available to consumers as part of the regular product offering in disposable tableware.

“Innovative products, such as EarthShell Packaging plates and bowls, allow us to offer our customers quality goods that are environmentally preferable,” said James Alden, buyer for Wal-Mart Stores'”Wal-Mart is pleased to introduce EarthShell products into our current line of disposables.”

EarthShell products are planned to be on the shelves and available for purchase during second quarter 2002 and will offer Wal-Mart customers the option of purchasing affordable disposable plates and bowls that are environmentally preferable, without sacrificing quality or performance.

Simon K. Hodson, president and CEO of EarthShell Corporation, said: “The positive results of the retail market test with Wal-Mart, coupled with our success to date within the food service sector indicates a clear and growing demand for quality products that are environmentally preferable.

“Wal-Mart will be providing consumers the first opportunity to buy EarthShell products locally for home use. Building awareness of the EarthShell Packaging brand with the retail consumer is an important part of our go-to-market strategy.”