(www.ecFood.com), a pioneer in providing web-based solutions to the food manufacturing industry, unveiled a new look to its website and introduced ecFoodware, its market-leading suite of solutions that streamline the purchasing process. The ecFoodware family of online tools includes the groundbreaking ecProcure Negotiated Buy function that advances online transactions beyond the simple lowest price option.

The second generation website provides a fresh look that visually supports ecFood.com’s new set of online solutions, ecFoodware. These solutions were expressly created to manage the complex procurement process of the industrial food sector. ecProcure, Negotiated Buy, Supplier Rating System, Supplier Profiling, Specification Management and Professional Services are among the family of ecFoodware online tools based on state-of-the art technology.

“Our ecFoodware provides buying solutions based on real world food purchasing,” said Dave Laukat, CEO of ecFood.com. “In particular, Negotiated Buy with its Supplier Rating System and Supplier Profiling takes the ‘best practices’ of industrial food purchasing and blends them with the efficiencies and savings of the new economy. Our services give tremendous control to both buyers and sellers to negotiate based on complete ingredient specs and purchasing goals beyond price.”

ecFoodware — ecProcure, Negotiated Buy, Supplier Rating System

At the heart of ecProcure is the purchaser buying function. ecProcure makes the buying process more efficient and provides maximum control by offering three forms of buying strategies. One strategy is the standard, dynamic pricing auction. This is a private competitive auction, conducted in Internet time. Privacy is ensured through restricted access to invited participants.

Negotiated Buy

Negotiated Buy is the newest and most sophisticated ecProcure purchasing strategy with the Supplier Rating System (SRS) feature. The buyer uses our SRS to rate suppliers according to specific criteria. The buyer determines the item, clearly defines the purchasing criteria, and rates their suppliers. During the bidding procedure, the buyer and supplier negotiate online to meet the price and criteria that was initially defined. The SRS, which is customized by the buyer and can include wide ranging criteria, allows buyers to better assess the value of a purchase beyond price. It also provides clear communication to suppliers.

For those situations where the buyer wants complete flexibility to negotiate with a seller, there is the free form option. In this situation, the buyer can define the requirements and negotiate with multiple sellers on whatever purchasing point they want.

Additional ecFoodware solutions include ecProcure demand aggregation, and storefronts, specification management, supplier profiling and professional services. The specification management service is designed to assist buyers who want to track their ingredient specification information and better source their ingredient needs. ecFood.com’s professional services help customers identify what is the best ecFoodware solution to meet their purchasing goals. Our team of food industry experts guides our customers through the ecommerce process from beginning to end, supplying services such as supplier recruitment, sourcing configuration, item profiling, and SKU rationalization.

About ecFood.com

ecFood.com is a pioneer in bringing Internet purchasing solutions to the industrial food sector. Headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., ecFood.com combines substantial food industry knowledge with advanced ecommerce technology. We are providing online methods that reflect real world purchasing practices. ecFoodware, our suite of solutions, takes the “best practices” of the industrial purchasing system and blends them with the inherent efficiencies and savings of the new economy. Forbes Magazine recently recognized ecFood.com as “Best of the Web” for the B2B sites in the food industry. For more information, visit www.ecFood.com or call 408/566-6130.