Larex, Inc., partnered with a major food manufacturer to conduct a clinical study to determine the potential stimulatory effect of larch arabinogalactan on the pediatric immune system.  Larch arabinogalactan, a natural compound found in the Larix genus of trees, has been shown to stimulate the human immune response in adults. A number of immune system boosters have entered the market in recent years, however, most of these products have not been evaluated in clinical trials with pediatric populations.

The 12-week clinical study was conducted at Health East Care System and included a total of 507 children, ages 3 to 12 years.  Of the 507 children participating, a total of 337 children consumed three grams of larch arabinogalactan in a juice drink daily.   One hundred sixty-eight of these children also consumed vitamins with arabinogalactan in their juice drink.  Over 90% of children completed the study indicating that larch arabinogalactan is well tolerated by this sensitive age group.

Children, ages 7 to 9 years, who consumed larch arabinogalactan exhibited lower duration and number of illness episodes compared to the other treatment groups.  No other significant treatment-related effects were observed among the other endpoints or treatment groups evaluated.

Based on these results and of other studies, Larex plans to conduct additional studies to determine the effect that larch arabinogalactan on the pediatric immune system.

Larex, Inc. ( is the exclusive manufacturer of arabinogalactan, an FDA approved ingredient used in the food and beverage, health supplement, personal care, and animal care industries.  This is the first clinical study conducted by the HealthEast Care System, a network of integrated care services that serve the Twin Cities’ East Metro and surrounding communities.