Chiquita Brands International wants journalists to be aware that Eurofruit Magazine has corrected a serious error that created the mistaken impression that Europe’s most recent banana import policy is acceptable to the United States and some Latin American, African, Caribbean and Pacific nations.

In a headline for a story in the October 2000 issue, the magazine said that these nations “agree” with the European Union’s “first-come, first- served” proposal, when in fact they disagree with it. The magazine has acknowledged its error and filed a correction, the text of which is replicated below:


The October 2000 issue of Eurofruit Magazine contained an important printing error.

The subheading of the article on page 54 about Europe’s banana regime, which featured an interview with Steve Warshaw, president and chief operating officer of Chiquita Brands International, misstated the position of the United States, many Latin American and ACP countries. All of the entities mentioned disagree with the European Union’s new banana import proposal. The verb in the subhead should have read “disagree,” not “agree.”

In addition, Eurofruit Magazine has been asked by Chiquita Brands International to make clear that the company rejects both the “first-come, first-served” and the “tariff only” proposals offered by the EU.

Eurofruit Magazine is happy to correct the error and would like to apologize for any inconvenience or confusion it may have caused.