Farmers thwarted by the increasing federal regulations against chemical pesticides are seeking some unconventional alternatives. One of the most popular organic alternatives is turning out to be Garlic Barrier, every gallon of which is guaranteed to contain 99.3% garlic extract and prove an effective insect repellent when diluted in water and sprayed over crops.

The product is manufactured by the company of the same name, based in California, which reveals that it has patented the process by which the garlic effectively drives insect away from crops when sprayed on them. Other advantages include the fact that it is odourless and harmless to other wildlife and farm workers. 

Price-wise it is also similar to the chemicals it seeks to replace and according to company officials, sales of Garlic Barrier have increased by 400% over the last two years.

For more information, visit the company’s website. www.GarlicBarrier.Com