SIG Combibloc Inc., a leading international supplier of aseptic carton filling and packaging systems, announced today that Fat Tuesday®, a national chain of specialty drink bars, is launching a line of premium drink mixes for food service in Combibloc® cartons. Fat Tuesday’s 13 drink mixes in 32-ounce Pour ‘n Seal® Combibloc cartons feature the award-winning, reclosable combiTop®. In addition to being showcased in Fat Tuesday outlets in the U.S. and Mexico, these drink mixes will be sold for use in other food service operations such as stadiums, chain restaurants, cruise ships, and resorts nationwide.

“We’re delighted to welcome Fat Tuesday to our growing roster of customers,” said Roman Eckols, president and CEO of SIG Combibloc Inc. “They were looking for the ultimate in filler range and flexibility, as well as a package that adds real value and quality to their product. And that’s what we were able to provide. So to Fat Tuesday, we say: ‘You’ve made a wise choice–for your company, for your food service customers, and ultimately for the legions of consumers who enjoy your wonderful drinks!”‘

Fat Tuesday drink mixes in Combibloc aseptic cartons offer unique advantages in food service operations. Their shelf stability does away with the time-consuming thawing process, which eliminates an entire step necessary for specialty drinks made from frozen mixes, and saves valuable freezer space. The mixes are reclosable and extremely easy to use–you just simply shake, pour, add ice and alcohol, if desired, and blend.

Fat Tuesday speciality drink mixes in Combibloc cartons eliminate the chopping, measuring, and clean-up time associated with making ingredients-rich specialty drinks from scratch, always a plus in busy bars and restaurants. In addition, Combibloc cartons and aseptic processing ensure consistent flavors, colors, and textures, and the ultimate in food safety, and their block shape makes stacking in storage areas easy and space-efficient.

Fat Tuesday’s food service line is scheduled for a May rollout and includes the following flavors: Cappuccino, Margarita, Electric Lemonade, 190 Octane®, Strawberry Daiquiri, Pina Colada, Hurricane, Mudslide, Banana Banshee, Jungle Juice, Crawgator, Mambo Juice, and Bellini. In the future, Fat Tuesday plans to expand their product line to include additional innovative flavor offerings.

According to Fat Tuesday Vice President and National Sales Manager Gary J. Vega, “Quality is the cornerstone on which Fat Tuesday was built, and it continues to be the focus of our future growth. Simply put, SIG Combibloc’s packaging ensures product quality. Plus, their packaging system allows us to introduce new sizes and new value-added products important to Fat Tuesday and other food service operations; that kind of freedom fuels our creativity.”

Headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana, Fat Tuesday is a national chain of restaurants and specialty drink bars that also creates a variety of premium frozen drink products for food service and retail sale. The company was started in 1984 in New Orleans by David Briggs, Jr., a year after he had founded the very successful New Orleans Original Daiquiris Concept in Hammond, Louisiana. Today, Fat Tuesday locations are found in such varied markets as Key West, Phoenix, Austin, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, Miami and Cancun, Mexico; and their products are also sold at stadiums, in chain restaurants, on cruise ships, and at resorts across the United Sates.

Founded in 1983, SIG Combibloc Inc. is a supplier of aseptic carton filling systems and packaging to North and Central America. Its parent company, SIG Swiss Industrial Company Holding Ltd. (SIG), is headquartered in Neuhausen, Rhine Falls, Switzerland.

SIG Combibloc’s customer base includes Lyons-Magnus, Country Pure Foods, The H.R. Nicholson Company, Cadbury-Schweppes, Westbrae Natural Foods, Tree Top, Welch’s, Smucker Quality Beverages, Parmalat USA, H.J. Heinz Co., Extreme Foods, Jugos del Valle, Conservas La Costena, and Productos Del Monte. SIG Combibloc Inc. operates advanced manufacturing, research, and training facilities in Columbus, Ohio, and can be reached at 614/876-3700.