AGBIOS, in association with the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications (ISAAA), is pleased to announce the launch of the first edition of Essential Biosafety, a CD-ROM with comprehensive information about the safety of genetically modified crops. Innovations in biotechnology are increasingly identified as significant contributors to global food security and sustainable agriculture. Consequently, access to clear and factual information is critical to building an understanding of the issues, including the risks and benefits associated with agricultural products of biotechnology.

Essential Biosafety includes:

A Crop Database of safety information about all genetically modified crop plants that have received regulatory approval to date. For each product there is detailed information about its molecular biology and the studies that were conducted to evaluate environmental, food and feed safety.

A Library with over 650 citations relevant to the environmental, livestock feed, and human food safety of genetically modified crop plants.

A Training section with materials that were developed as tools for providing practical experience in the environmental and food safety assessment of transgenic plants.

This CD-ROM is a tremendous resource for scientists, regulatory personnel, and others interested in the environmental and food safety of genetically modified plants. Essential Biosafety will be published annually, and with each edition the databases will be updated and new information pertinent to the safety of genetically modified crops and foods will be added.

Essential Biosafety is being distributed free of charge by AGBIOS and ISAAA. To request your free copy of Essential Biosafety on CD-ROM, complete the online request form available at