The old business strategy of not revealing one’s hand is giving way to the idea that sharing between partners is better. Buying groups and suppliers are turning to a relatively new concept called Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR), which utilizes the power of collaboration between trading partners to increase sales, boost efficiency, reduce fixed assets and working capital, and reduce inventory for the entire supply chain – all while better satisfying consumer needs.

Agribuys, a global provider of comprehensive web-based services developed for the food industry, is providing the technology needed to support CPFR for leading buying organizations.

“Our newest technological developments cement Agribuys platform’s position as a total supply chain management solution for the food industry,” says Marina Kotsianas, president and CEO of Agribuys. “We have introduced a requisition system and numerous features that permit supply chain visibility between partners. This will help retailers and food service organizations move towards the total CPFR solution they need, allowing them to better manage their demand network. Steadily, the supply chain is transforming to a demand-driven network. Better information about supply and demand allows buyers to optimize the offerings at individual stores and allows suppliers to refine their product mix.”

According to AMR Research, Inc., Agribuys’ key strength is its coverage of pre-purchase through post-purchase business processes, including everything from demand forecasting all the way through shipping and financial settlement.

“The new platform revolutionizes current procurement methods, especially for larger buying organizations with multiple divisions and several buying offices,” says Dhruba Kalita, co-founder and CTO of Agribuys. “Our requisition module assures a fast and smooth flow of information from the store to the buying organization, where it is automatically consolidated.”

With all the requests entering a single system, organized in the same manner, the buying organization can more easily consolidate the information and maximize the buying potential with larger quantities. In turn, suppliers can quote on larger quantities spread over fewer transactions. This saves both parties time and money. Such order consolidation also permits the partners’ logistics departments, for example, to make more strategic, big-picture decisions, reducing empty miles and delayed shipments.

Agribuys latest version offers the following features:

  • Specials: allows suppliers to communicate inventory and promotional offers to buyers.
  • MyWATCHLIST: allows buyers to monitor products for special price offers and allows suppliers to quickly move excess inventory.
  • Invoice Reconciliation: allows real-time collaborative resolution of invoice discrepancies; all involved parties (e.g. buyers, receivers, suppliers, freight providers) can see the same information, which is accurate, real-time and on-demand; this facilitates rapid, equitable resolutions.
  • To Do List: acts as a personal assistant, alerting users (buyers or suppliers) when action is required on any procurement, shipping, receiving or reconciliation activity.

About Agribuys

Agribuys is a leading global provider of integrated web-based procurement services for the food industry. Having recognized that the process extends far beyond a simple transaction model, the company provides a menu of services from pre-order, transaction execution to post order services in multiple food segments including produce, meat, poultry, seafood, ingredients, dairy and floral. These services are seamlessly incorporated into our customers’ front-end sales systems and back-end information systems, facilitating collaborative supply chain management. The Agribuys management team is a thought leader in the industry, bringing together deep perishable food industry domain expertise with extensive experience in technology and e-commerce. Based in California, with offices in India and Australia, Agribuys is rapidly expanding to further broaden its global procurement platform.

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