has achieved $10 million in closed transactions only 46 days after the launch of the company’s on-line meat and poultry exchange.

Since the company’s record-breaking first day of trading on April 12, 2000, has attracted over 1,000 registrants to its neutral bid/ask exchange, averaging daily product postings of over $15 million.

“We knew we had the formula right,” explained’s Chief Marketing Officer Tom O’Connell, “but the proof is in the numbers. Achieving the $10 million mark this early confirms our belief in’s total solutions approach to electronic commerce in the meat and poultry industries.”

In addition to bringing meat and poultry buyers and sellers together in a neutral exchange environment, offers complete domestic and international logistics, inspection services, product tracking, inventory management and ERP/EDI integration.

The company has also developed the concept for a branded exchange allowing buyers and sellers to customize e-commerce solutions to maintain investments in past relationships with customers or suppliers while allowing for confidential pricing and customized programs to each of their core customers, linked through EDI by Complementing its core exchange with market-leading value added services, distinguished itself from its competitors, building a high level of liquidity and emerging as the leading internet exchange in the food industry.

According to O’Connell, both buyers and sellers within’s exchange report that the key draw is the company’s domain expertise and facilitated trading options. In addition, exchange participants cite’s customer service as a key to the company’s success.

Recognizing the potential of an e-commerce exchange for the meat industry, was conceived in 1996 as a total solution for the meat industry. was founded as a .com company in 1999 and today enjoys a strategic partnership with the American Meat Institute. Based in Madison, Wis., is dedicated to the advancement of the meat and poultry industry by increasing its profitability through technology. hosts an on-line exchange which provides a completely neutral arena for meat and poultry buyers and sellers to meet and conduct business. Combined with the company’s value-added services,’s exchange effectively reduces transactional costs for each sale, while increasing business opportunities for both buyers and sellers of meat and poultry products. To learn more about, visit the company’s website at or call 800-800-6732 to speak with company sales personnel.