Not sure if your kids are getting enough calcium? If they’re like most kids, they’re falling short of the recommended daily value of calcium needed to help build strong bones and teeth. In fact, two out of three kids ages 3 through 12 do not get the recommended daily value of calcium.

To help moms assess how much calcium their kids are getting, KRAFT® Cheese has created the “Kick Up the Calcium” Kids’ Calcium Counter. This informative and fun pamphlet offers moms an easy way to see how much calcium their children are getting in the foods they love to eat each day. It offers simple calcium solutions to help “kick up the calcium” in their kids’ diets. It also has tasty meal and snack ideas featuring kid favorites like KRAFT Cubes, Shreds and American Singles.

To order a free copy of the Kraft Cheese Kids’ Calcium Counter while supplies last, moms can call toll-free 1-877-878-6970 and start kicking up that calcium today.

KRAFT® Singles, KRAFT® Cubes and KRAFT® Natural Shredded Cheese are produced by Kraft Foods, the nation’s largest consumer packaged food company.