The Georgia State Department of Agriculture, whose random sample test of one bag of Fresh Express 18 Pack, 1-Pound Garden Salad with Ziplock triggered a voluntary and precautionary recall by the company early yesterday, now recants its test result, confirming that no contamination existed in the product and no recall was advised or warranted.

The recall of the product previously issued is unnecessary and is cancelled. The Georgia Department of Agriculture reports that it regrets the error.

The company had been notified late yesterday by the Georgia Department of Agriculture that a random sampling of one bag of the product had produced a positive test result for Listeria. No consumer illness or unusual calls had been reported and Fresh Express’ own historical records of environmental testing had revealed no evidence of Listeria. The company, however, had initiated a recall as a precautionary measure.

Fresh Express spokeswoman Robin Sprague and Vice President for Quality and Food Safety Jerry Noland thanked the company’s retail partners and customer service teams for their swift and effective initial response, even though the recall proved to be unwarranted and unnecessary. They also reconfirmed the Fresh Express over-riding commitment to providing consumers with high quality, safe and great-tasting fresh salads.