FSbuy.com has selected Vitria Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq:VITR), a leading ebusiness platform provider, to electronically link its proprietary applications and business processes to customers and partners via secure Internet connections. Under the terms of the agreement, FSbuy.com joins the Vitria Business Network (VBN), a network of electronically connected businesses that can be built upon as the network expands.

“Our selection of the Vitria ebusiness solution enables our members to rapidly link with any and all trading partners throughout the global community regardless of their respective systems,” said Tim Carda, co-founder and chief executive officer of FSbuy.com. “Joining the VBN exponentially expands the number of trading partners and service providers we can link to. As a result of this initiative, we will significantly accelerate our efforts to bring new products and services to the marketplace.”

Vitria’s ebusiness platform provides the means to link FSbuy.com to its member’s internal inventory control, purchasing, shipping and accounting systems, providing FSBuy.com eCommunity members with access to detailed information about their supply chain management process. Participation in the VBN will also enable FSBuy.com to bond electronically with its key partners and suppliers, enabling automatic, real-time exchange of information and transactions. These electronic bonds will leverage a variety of business-to-business ecommerce standards including XML and EDI. By automating the flow of information and transactions across the entire value chain, FSbuy.com will support its member’s efforts to reduce the time and costs associated with managing the foodservice procurement process online. The VBN will also provide FSbuy.com with access to a large and growing network of other trading partners, services and products to complement its own.

The VBN is a network of Vitria-enabled trading communities that facilitates quick and easy electronic access to a wide range of product and service providers in a variety of industries. By joining the VBN, FSbuy.com can use Vitria’s BusinessWare ebusiness platform to electronically bond to its own trading partners as well as other pre-existing communities, thereby accelerating its ability to bring new products and services to market and streamlining its delivery chains. By providing this functionality out-of-the-box, Vitria enables FSbuy.com to accelerate time to market and reduce the time required to link to new trading partners.

“FSbuy.com is showing how the eCommunity concept can change the rules in a traditional industry that we are all familiar with,” said JoMei Chang, president and chief executive officer of Vitria. “The combination of FSbuy.com’s domain expertise, BusinessWare and the VBN bring a leading proposition to the foodservice industry, and we look forward to working with Tim and his team as they address this outstanding opportunity.”

About FSbuy.com

FSbuy.com is a ‘buyer centric and vendor neutral’ ecommerce solution for the foodservice industry. The site unites foodservice buyers with distributors, dealers, reps and manufacturers through a single industry-specific website offering the ‘complete package’ from food/paper, beverage products, equipment, smallwares/tabletop, janitorial, office supplies to consultants, and service providers. This is a single-point-of-entry system for pre-qualified buyers and vendors to access industry information and current news events as well as a one-stop shopping tool for daily procurement, bidding, auctioning/reselling, budgeting, and real-time reporting.

About Vitria

Vitria Technology, Inc. is a leading ebusiness platform provider. Vitria’s ebusiness platform, BusinessWare, automates mission-critical business processes across the extended enterprise, reducing time to market, shortening lead times, lowering operating costs, and increasing customer satisfaction. Vitria is a publicly traded company (Nasdaq:VITR) based in Sunnyvale, California. For more information, call 408/212-2700, visit the company’s Web site at www.vitria.com, or send email to info@vitria.com.

This press release includes forward-looking statements that are subject to risks, uncertainties and other factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those referred to in the forward-looking statements. Such factors include, but are not limited to, risk as related to market acceptance of Vitria’s product, deployment delays or errors associated with these products, hardware platform incompatibilities, reliance on a limited number of customers for a majority of revenue, need to maintain and enhance certain business relationships with system integrators and other parties, ability to manage growth, activities by Vitria and others regarding protection of proprietary information, release of competitive products and other actions by competitors, Year 2000 problems and economic downturns in either domestic or foreign markets. These forward-looking statements are generally identified by words such as “expect,” “anticipate,” “intend,” “believe,” “hope,” “assume,” “estimate” and other similar words and expressions.