A further 568,000 pounds of meat have been recalled by Cargill subsidiary Peck Meat Packing on fears of possible E. coli contamination.

Peck Meat Packing, a unit of Emmpak Foods of Milwaukee, reported that a company reprocessing some of its ground beef had confirmed a test it had carried out for a form of the bacteria had come back positive. Emmpak president Justin Segel said no illnesses had been linked to the recall.

The recall is said to be unrelated to a previous recall of some 2.8 million pounds of ground beef, initiated late last month. This latest recall was prompted by the E. coli finding, but Peck Foods has yet to see the results of tests carried out by the other company.

Meanwhile, the Milwaukee plant at the centre of the larger recall remains closed.

Please note: This story was incorrectly titled “USA: Further meat recalled at ConAgra plant” in Thursday’s daily newsletter. Please accept my apologies for this mistake.

Catherine Sleep, managing editor, just-food.com