Galaxy Foods Company (AMEX: GXY), a leading producer of nutritional, plant based and health-promoting dairy and dairy related alternatives for the retail, foodservice and industrial markets, today announced the expansion of its international product distribution into Trinidad. Galaxy Foods currently distributes its products in over 20 foreign countries.

Galaxy Foods has started distributing its Veggie(TM) brand product-line into Trinidad through an alliance with Ryco Limited Distribution of Trinidad. Initially, Galaxy’s Veggie(TM) brand products will be available at local grocery stores and supermarkets with future plans to sell the products at convenience stores as well.

With a total of over 58 SKUs (item numbers) available for immediate distribution, Galaxy Foods’ Veggie(TM) brand product line is a category and market share leader in the United States. Galaxy Foods dominates the alternative cheese market with 88% of the market share. The Veggie(TM) brand product line includes a healthy array of cholesterol free, lactose free, and additive free products that taste great!

Research indicates that a healthy diet, including soy -based products offered by Galaxy, reduces the risk of certain diseases linked to the consumption of high fat, high cholesterol and other foods with harmful ingredients. Galaxy’s soy-based Veggie(TM) brand products include Veggie(TM) brand cheeses, milk, butter, yogurt, toppings, spreads, bars, and smoothies.

Galaxy Chief Executive Officer, Angelo Morini, commented, “The expansion of product distribution to Trinidad correlates with the new avenues of growth we are currently exploring. With our new equipment coming on line soon, we are aggressively seeking additional opportunities to both broaden our manufacturing lines and bolster product demand.”

About Galaxy Foods Company

Galaxy Foods Company is a leading producer of health-promoting dairy and dairy related alternatives for the retail, foodservice and industrial markets. The Company’s plant-based products are low or no fat (no saturated fat), have no cholesterol and no lactose and contain more vitamins and minerals than conventional dairy products. Galaxy products, available at health food stores and grocers, are part of the nutritional or functional food category, the fastest growing segment of the retail food market. Galaxy brand names include Veggie Milk(TM), Veggie Slices(TM), formagg®, Soyco®, Soymage®, Wholesome Valley(TM), and Lite Bakery®. For more information, please visit the Company’s web site at

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