General Mills‘ 6 February patent 6183788 titled ‘Flaked R-T-E cereal’ is a simple concept: curl the flake, so the flakes don’t remain flat on top of each other, and occupy more space than their flat counterparts. This lowers bulk density to <0.12, making them fluffy without any change in the flake per se.

Beginning from Kellog’s Patents from 1935 to 1940 as an individual, this field is currently dominated by General Mills and Quaker Oats.


    The present invention relates to ready-to-eat cereal flakes exhibiting higher percentages of curled flakes and reduced bulk densities as well as processes for preparing said cereal flakes. More specifically, the present invention provides ready-to-eat cereal flakes fabricated from cooked cereal dough pellets having a bulk density of 150 to 200 g/1003 inch, an average flake thickness of 600 to 800 µm and at least 45% of the flakes being curled to provide a flaked width of at least five millimeters. This is further to their 1999 Patent 5919503.

First of 9 Claims:

An R-T-E cereal, comprising:

    a quantity of cereal flakes fabricated from a cooked cereal dough having:

      a bulk density of 160 to 230 g/1003 inch (104×10-2 g/cc to 120×10-2 g/cc),
      an average flake thickness of 635 to 900 µm (0.025 to 0.035 inch), wherein at least 45% of the cereal flakes have a width of at least 5 mm (0.197 inch),
      a moisture content of about 2 to 5%.

By Navroz Havewala, correspondent