US food company General Mills has licensed its Wheaties and Total brands to Leiner Health products for a new range of nutritional supplements.

“Wheaties and Total cereals have long been on consumers’ breakfast tables, and now they can enhance their diets with multivitamins from these trusted brands,” the company said . The Wheaties Multivitamins provide health-minded individuals with 100% or more of 17 essential vitamins and minerals. Wheaties Daily Performance Packs offer consumers a convenient daily nutritional system specifically formulated to enhance energy.  Total Multivitamins contain important daily nutrients essential for an active and healthy lifestyle, and Total High Potency Daily Vitamin Packs are ideal for consumers looking for additional support for their bones, joints, eyes and heart health as well as help with overall fitness.

“Universally known as ‘The Breakfast of Champions,’ Wheaties cereal is already viewed as a trusted part of a daily routine,” says Pam Kermisch, director of licensing at General Mills. “We are proud to now offer consumers another way to include Wheaties in their day.”

“Food is the best source for vitamins and minerals, and Total cereal is already recognized for helping to provide a well balanced nutritional meal,” says Kermisch. “However, for consumers who can’t get everything they need from food, Total multivitamins are a great way to supplement their diets.”

The Wheaties and Total vitamin products are manufactured and distributed by Leiner Health Products.