George Weston Bakeries, part of Canada’s George Weston Liminted, has announced the introduction of its new line of X-treme Breads.

The new range of child-friendly breads aims to provide a better-for-you alternative to traditional bread. The X-treme White variety bread became available in August and the X-treme Wheat variety, made with whole grains, will be in stores starting in October. Both breads will be sold in the Northeast, Southeast and Midwest US regions.

New packaging with nutrition labelling based on a two-slice serving and stating that the product is an “excellent source of calcium” will be on shelves starting 7 November 2005.

“We developed X-treme Breads to provide a healthier alternative to white bread that still appeals to children,” said Fran Strazzella, vice president of marketing for George Weston Bakeries. “Each nutritious slice provides a great taste with the texture and colour of white bread that kids love.”