Milkco of Asheville, N.C., has voluntarily withdrawn approximately 6000 gallons of Ingle’s Laura Lynn Brand Homogenized Vitamin D Whole Milk from the market due to contamination with chocolate milk. The sell-by date of the affected product is May 23, and the milk is in one- gallon containers. Milkco stated that most of the product has been sold. The milk went to several states including Georgia.

“This is not a public health threat, but rare individuals may be severely allergic to cocoa. The processor and grocery store chain were concerned about their customers and notified the Department of Agriculture in the event we received any complaints about this product,” said Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture Tommy Irvin.

“I have instructed our inspectors to check inventories for this product in stores during their normal daily activities to make sure it is removed,” said Irvin.

“Because chocolate does not stay in suspension well in homogenized milk, the consumer may notice that some chocolate settled at the bottom of the jug. Anyone who has purchased the milk may wish to return it to the place of purchase for a refund. The company has a toll-free line (1-800-842-8021) consumers can call if they have questions,” said Irvin.