Opta Food Ingredients gained US patent 6197353 for its invention: “Gluten-derived colloidal dispersions, edible coatings therefrom and method of making.”
This technology is dominated by Opta. Other current players are Enzytech, Euroceltique, and Midwest Grain Products.


    Film forming colloidal dispersions containing gluten-derived proteins and peptides and their methods of manufacture are described. The colloidal dispersion can be coated onto a variety of substrates to provide a glossy sheen to the substrate. The colloidal dispersions can function as an adhesive for adhering particles onto the substrate. Foods coated with the colloidal dispersion are also described.

First of 19 Claims:

A method for producing an aqueous, gluten-derived colloidal dispersion, which upon application to a substrate imparts a gloss thereon, comprising:

    a) preparing an aqueous dispersion of gluten under agitating conditions;
    b) heating the product of step a) to a temperature sufficient to gelatinize the starch contained in the gluten;
    c) hydrolyzing essentially all starch within the dispersion with a starch hydrolyzing enzyme;
    d) hydrolyzing protein contained in the gluten using a protease under conditions sufficient to change the gluten dispersion viscosity; and
    e) heating the colloidal dispersion to inactivate the protease and stabilize the colloidal dispersion; thereby producing an aqueous, gluten-derived colloidal dispersion which upon application to a substrate imparts a gloss thereon.
By Navroz Havewala, just-food.com correspondent