The Grocery Manufacturers of America today applauded a federal judge’s decision to reject a lawsuit by activists seeking to overturn the Food and Drug Administration’s science-based policy on food biotechnology.

“The judge’s decision validates the FDA’s common sense approach to regulating food biotechnology,” said Mary Sophos, GMA Senior Vice President, Government Affairs. “It reaffirms that the FDA is working to protect consumers by ensuring we have a safe, affordable food supply while maintaining consumer choice in the marketplace.”

Sophos noted that the FDA and other government agencies that regulate biotechnology are already taking steps to strengthen their oversight of biotech products.

“GMA was an early proponent of a proposed FDA policy that would require a mandatory review by FDA of all new plant biotechnology products,” added Sophos. “We look forward to continue working with FDA, USDA, and EPA on their efforts to strengthen the science-based regulation of food biotechnology.”

The FDA is currently finalizing a mandatory review proposal that will be open for public comment in the next few months.

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