Proudly celebrating its 95th anniversary in the Texas community, the H-E-B Grocery Company has chosen to make this milestone unforgettable by taking to the Texas roads awarding prize money to its loyal customers during the Loot for Labels sweepstakes. To date, the “Lookout Patrol” has paid out more than $304,000 to sweepstakes registrants across Texas. More than 25 Texas residents have received the maximum pay out of $7,125.

The sweepstakes is the grocery giant’s largest promotion in 95 years and is specifically designed for its customers to give them the golden opportunity to personally enjoy and be a part of H-E-B’s anniversary celebration while having the chance to cash in on some serious cash prize money.

“At H-E-B, we understand our success and growth from our humble beginnings into the 11th largest grocery company in the nation is owed to our customers,” said Mike De La Garza, H-E-B vice president of public affairs and communications. “The Loot for Labels sweepstakes provides H-E-B with an exciting opportunity to show its appreciation for the year-round support that its customers in communities across Texas have continuously displayed by choosing our stores for their shopping needs.”

Traveling the state in the official Loot for Labels “cash-here” (read cashier) van — a black van imprinted with H-E-B and Loot for Labels logos along with flying dollars on each side — the Lookout Patrol will visit the homes of the three registrants selected during a random drawing. These winners will then receive an unannounced visit from the Loot for Labels “Lookout Patrol” in search of H-E-B own brand products, such as H-E-B Hill Country Fare and Personal Expressions. For each H-E-B brand product that is discovered in the home of the winner, the “Lookout Patrol” will award $95 for up to 75 items, for a maximum winning total of $7,125.

No purchase is necessary to win or participate in the sweepstakes. Registrants can also receive $95 for having the names and weights of H-E-B own brand products on index cards. The “Loot Patrol” will pick three registrants in 31 Texas markets.

Established in 1905 by matriarch Florence Butt, the H-E-B Grocery Company is celebrating its 95th anniversary. Begun as a one store operation in Kerrville, Texas with a $60 investment, H-E-B today has established itself as one of the largest regional food retailers in the United States. H-E-B proudly employs more than 50,000 Partners throughout its 270 stores in 135 communities throughout Texas, Louisiana and Mexico.