National Franchise Roll Out Scheduled for Early 2002

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Health Express USA (OTCBB:HEXS – news), the country’s first fast-food restaurant franchise to feature gourmet health food, announced that ground breaking is scheduled and construction is imminent in Boca Raton, Florida for the company’s second “Healthy Bites Grill” restaurant.

“This is more than just the ground-breaking for our second location, this is a giant step forward in the launch of our national expansion program,” stated Doug Baker, CEO of Health Express USA. “This store will be our franchise prototype store, serving as a model for expansion stores and as a training facility during the expansion program. With only final approvals from Palm Beach County between us and construction, we expect the facility to be complete in early 2002.”

According to Baker, all franchise materials are in place to begin the national franchising program. The company’s flagship operation, open since April of 2000 in Fort Lauderdale, has served as a test kitchen and R&D facility, where the menu has been refined and the logistics of the fast-food service have been perfected. While the design for the new facility is a result of these efforts, the new location also has the advantage of a more ideal demographic market.

“We have shown our ability to attract and retain health-hungry customers at the flagship site. The new Boca Raton site offers a proven fast-food draw and provides even more robust demographics given the market that we serve,” stated Marco D’Alonzo, COO of Healthy Express.

The Healthy Bites Grill concept is designed to take advantage of two major consumer trends: the continuing growth of fast-food sales, coupled with Americans’ fast-growing interest in nutrition and good health. The menu features items that appeal to all tastes, with a consistent emphasis on quality. Highlights include a grilled Portobello mushroom sandwich, a cholesterol-free vegetarian Caesar salad, Athenian spinach salad, grilled chicken, sun-dried tomato pocket and homemade pizzas, as well as the company’s signature item, the Healthy Bites Griller, a veggie burger of whole grains, sprouted beans, rye, barley and other natural ingredients.

For more information on Healthy Bites Grill or Health Express USA, call 800-575-4144, or visit the company’s web site at