Only in America. With an inventiveness to make the A-Team proud, Hormel Food Corp the company that bought the world Spam, is entering the world of vehicle production armed with pork and turkey by-products.

In a joint venture with the General Motors Corp, Hormel chairman and CEO Joel Johnson explained that the sand moulds used to cast metal parts for cars would be produced more cost effectively using a binding agent that derives from animal protein collagen, GMBond.

The binder, developed about ten years ago by GM, will be produced in Austin near to where Hormel is based. Sales, said Johnson, will begin “in the near future,” with Hormel being the sole licensee of the environmentally friendly GMBond, a welcome alternative to the toxic chemicals traditionally used in the process.

“Who would have guessed that a food product would be used in the production of your automobile’s engine block?” said Johnson on Tuesday (30 January) at the annual shareholders meeting of. Who indeed?