Ice Cream Partners USA, LLC (ICP-USA) announced yesterday the purchase of Rock Island Foods, Inc., a leading independent ice cream distributor in California. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Rock Island Foods, Inc. has been an outstanding distributor for Nestle and Haagen-Dazs for many years and is recognized by its customers for superior service.

“This acquisition continues to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to being a gold standard Direct Store Delivery distributor in the ice cream industry,” stated Jim Dintaman, CEO of ICP-USA. “This purchase enables us to leverage brand and operation synergies in the Northern California area which will ultimately benefit our customers and consumers.”

Ice Cream Partners USA manufactures and markets Haagen-Dazs® ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, sorbet and novelties; Nestle® Drumstick® ice cream sundae cones; Nestle Crunch®, Butterfinger® and Baby Ruth® ice cream bars; Dole® frozen juice bars; Nestle IceScreamers(TM) frozen treats and Push-Ups® frozen novelties. All ICP-USA brands are produced, marketed and/or distributed under license from the trademark owners. ICP-USA is also proud to distribute many outstanding Partner Brands in selected markets.

Ice Cream Partners USA is a joint venture between Nestle USA and The Pillsbury Co.