Food companies, processors and producers anxious to take advantage of the potential of identity preservation got a boost today with the announcement of a new company, As part of a national conference: The New IP Value-Added Agriculture: Developing the Infrastructure, Agricultural Information Technologies announced the formation of as a separate business unit.

“It’s our goal to simplify and streamline the process of identifying and tracking valuable characteristics in crops and livestock,” says Tim Aughenbaugh president of offers products, services, systems and Internet resources to help members of the food production chain grow, handle and use identity preserved crops and livestock.

“Our products can help companies that are practicing identity preservation do a better job,” says Aughenbaugh. “We can also help companies that have not tried identity preservation get started on the right foot.”

The company is initially targeting companies with specific grain needs, like seed producers, food processors and feed millers, that currently contract for grain production directly with growers.

The system of products and services is intended to make the process of managing specific-trait-crop production more efficient and effective. Key product categories include:

IP Information Services — Web-based educational and technical information along with current news and events.

IP Tools — Integrated tracking and identification products to assist users in identifying specific traits, marking production and storage facilities and tracking identity preserved products through the production process. Existing products include Postmark(r) signposts, CropTouch(tm) data collection technology, SeedTag(tm) database and TraitCheck(tm) and GMO Check(tm) brand test kits.

IP Market Services — A range of on-site and online services aimed at streamlining identity-preserved operations. These integrated services are designed to help users fulfill identity-preserved requirements and enable buyers, contractors, processors and crop producers to better collaborate within identity preserved systems.

The company Web site ( offers detailed descriptions of products and services available now. Aughenbaugh says the company will introduce new products and services in the coming months. is a strategic business unit of Agricultural Information Technologies of Iroquois, S.D. Founded in 1991, AIT develops electronic devices and systems for capturing and reporting a wide range of information.

Additional press releases on new products and services are available at

Postmark is a registered trademark of CropTouch and SeedTag are trademarks of TraitCheck and GMO Check are trademarks of Strategic Diagnostics, Inc.