As journalists consider reporting on the latest StarLink corn developments, GMA believes it is important to consider the following points:

  • Although StarLink corn has not been approved for food, America’s leading allergenists, the scientific community and EPA officials have all said repeatedly that StarLink corn represents no immediate health concern and that the risks — if any — are extremely low.

  • Nonetheless, to ensure public confidence, the entire food industry, in conjunction with biotech companies and The U.S. government, is doing everything possible to remove StarLink from the food supply.

  • StarLink’s presence in food is a result of the failed policy of the split approval process set by the EPA. That system, which allowed products to be approved for use as animal feed separately from the approval for use of food, allowed StarLink to enter the nation’s food supply. In contrast to StarLink, biotech soybeans have met all government requirements for safety.

  • The StarLink episode has shone a bright light on the inherent problems of split approval process. EPA — at the request of the food industry, biotech companies and consumer groups — has officially ended the use of the split approval process. This is a much-needed fix to the regulatory approach to biotech foods that should improve public confidence in the way food biotechnology is regulated.

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