Massey-Fair Industrial (MFI), a premier broker of food ingredients to the industrial food sector, announced it has entered a co-marketing agreement with INC2inc to sell its e-Marketplace solution to food manufacturers. MFI has spent the past year evaluating alternative e-commerce options for its sister company, MAC Source, an ingredients distributor. The evaluation covered all the emerging marketplaces in the industrial food space as well as building a private extranet. In INC2inc, MFI found the specific understanding of the food manufacturing industry they were looking for and the most comprehensive solution to the problems that exist in the food supply chain.

“In evaluating alternative e-commerce strategies, we wanted a solution that was mutually beneficial to both the supplier and the buyer,” said Randy Cimorelli, president and COO of Massey-Fair Industrial. “INC2inc demonstrated a thorough understanding of our business needs and their value proposition promises savings for all trading partners.”

MFI was specifically impressed by INC2inc’s focus on reducing costs through eliminating inefficiencies in the supply chain.

“The food business is characterized as a typically low-margin business. However, there is definitely room to improve the processes and reduce the costs of working with our trading partners. That is what our customers and principals expect of Massey-Fair Industrial. That is what INC2inc does, so this is a perfect fit,” said Tim Cambias, Chairman and CEO of Massey-Fair Industrial.

MFI also sited INC2inc’s product roadmap for total supply chain management as a reason for the selection. To basic transaction facilitation and order management, INC2inc is adding transportation services, including LTL consolidation, and Internet load assignment and track and trace functionality. e-Payment and reconciliation services now in the works promise to solve one of the industry’s perennial headaches. Supply chain planning tools are also slated.

About Massey-Fair Industrial
Massey-Fair Industrial is a broker of food ingredients to the food manufacturing industry based in Atlanta, GA. MFI’s representatives cover 16 states from Virginia to Texas and from Missouri to Florida. Founded in 1938, they currently represent 125 suppliers selling to 1250 customers. The company does over $300 million in annual sales volume.

About INC2inc
INC2inc is e-inventing the food chain through its business-to-business (B2B) e-Marketplace for the highly fragmented food and beverage manufacturing industry. INC2inc enables multiple buyers (food manufacturers) and sellers (food ingredient, raw material and packaging suppliers) to transact business on the Web, eliminating inefficiencies, decreasing costs of doing business, and empowering communication, through it’s suite of collaborative commerce
tools. INC2inc is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and was selected for the “50 to Watch” list. For more information, visit INC2inc’s Web site at