Frank Cerminara, Senior VP and CFO of Hershey Foods Corporation, yesterday [Wednesday] announced that James A. Edris has been promoted to Vice President, Investor Relations.

Cerminara said: “The mission of the Investor Relations function is to provide appropriate information to the investment community in order to facilitate sound judgment regarding the company’s market value.

“This valuation process is vital because the price of Hershey’s Common Stock is the ultimate scorecard in determining the company’s success. Jim has over 20 years of experience in investor relations, during which he has created a valuable network of relationships with analysts, portfolio managers, financial media representatives, and individual investors.

“He has done an excellent job articulating the company’s new strategic direction, ensuring that our value-enhancing initiatives are well understood by the investment community.”

Edris joined Hershey in 1976 as Manager, Public Information. He was named Manager, Financial Information in 1980, and Director, Investor Relations in 1986.