SoftCoin Inc., a leading global provider of business-to-business offline-to-online promotions, today unveiled a nationwide promotional campaign designed for Procter & Gamble’s new Jeckles brand snack food and two premier online sports and apparel retailers, and SoftCoin has empowered the Jeckles brand with an interactive promotions infrastructure designed to engage a teen audience and help the brand build awareness and sales within this age group.

SoftCoin has developed an offline-to-online promotional campaign that enables offline brands to offer real value, such as money, to their consumers via Internet-powered promotions. Jeckles has selected SoftCoin’s unique promotion technology to build a program based on monetary rewards delivered to consumers via unique codes printed on the snack packages sold in traditional retail channels. SoftCoin technology seamlessly integrates with the Jeckles web site as well as with the two online retailers, virtually eliminating the need for back-end engineering by all sites. This enables the three partners to focus on leveraging their complementary strengths to build brand awareness, generate qualified traffic and deliver significant value to their teen customers, ultimately driving volume. SoftCoin’s system also empowers the brand managers with tools to monitor promotion performance, gather information and generate marketing opportunities to further develop their respective brands.

“The Jeckles brand has selected SoftCoin to power this unique promotion to help stimulate sales among teens,” said Chris Redlitz, SoftCoin’s chief executive officer. “Jeckles is a promotions trendsetter and understands the power the Internet has on teens and the influence it has on their buying habits.”

The Jeckles SoftCoin-powered promotion rewards consumers who purchase Jeckles in traditional retail channels with Internet money worth a total of $20-$10 to be used at each online store, and To begin their online shopping experience consumers are directed to Jeckles’ web site where they will create an account and will be asked a few survey questions. Consumers are then linked to the online retailers to begin their shopping experience. The $10 will be automatically deducted from their final shopping cart balance. SoftCoin’s commitment to privacy allows consumers to opt out of receiving future marketing offers and prevents children under 13 years old from providing any personally identifiable information. SoftCoin further ensures consumers’ privacy via a patent-pending system that creates an anonymous username and password.

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