Jacksonville, Fla., based Winn-Dixie Stores Inc. (NYSE: WIN), one of the nation’s largest supermarket retailers, will change all 48 Jitney-Jungle stores to Winn-Dixie stores, beginning September 5, 2001, when the first of new Winn-Dixie signage will be placed.

The name change to Winn-Dixie is the final stage of a transitional period following the company’s purchase of 68 stores from Jitney-Jungle in October 2000 that included 54 stores in Mississippi, 11 stores in Alabama and three in Louisiana. Stores that were located in markets where Winn-Dixie was currently operating stores were changed to Winn-Dixies following the acquisition. Winn-Dixie retained essentially all Jitney-Jungle store employees.

“We’ve been integrating Winn-Dixie brand products and operational efficiencies into each Jitney-Jungle store during the past eight months,” said Al Rowland, President and CEO for Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc.. “Our research indicates that shoppers are responding favorably to our Winn-Dixie store brands and our WD brand beef. Based on this positive customer reaction, we feel the time is right to change the Jitney-Jungle name to Winn-Dixie. This will allow us many efficiencies that will result in better service and more competitive pricing for our customers.”

Winn-Dixie made significant strides in improving all of its operations this past year. By centralizing functions such as accounting, real estate, procurement and marketing for better control and efficiency; reformatting store layouts and retrofitting more than 600 stores, the company is now focusing on making Winn-Dixie stores the friendliest stores in each neighborhood with very competitive pricing.

Winn-Dixie Stores Inc. is one of the nation’s largest supermarket retailers, with more than 1,172 stores in 14 states and the Bahamas. For more information, visit the company’s official web site at http://www.winn-dixie.com.