In a move that will offer American consumers the choice of pathogen-free fresh and processed meat, Kemin Americas, Inc., and Food Technology Service, Inc., (Food Tech) Mulberry, FL, (Nasdaq:VIFL) have agreed to combine their resources to promote a comprehensive pathogen reduction program for meat and poultry producers.

This partnership between Kemin and Food Tech is one of a number of planned steps in the continuous improvement of the K-One(TM) brand food safety program promised by Kemin Americas when it introduced the program earlier this year. K-One, as originally launched, was the first comprehensive pathogen reduction program for poultry pre-harvest. The addition of Food Tech’s ”first in North America” food irradiation technology to the K-One program is the final assurance in the process of producing table-ready meat and poultry products.

According to John Greaves, Ph.D., President of Kemin Americas, ”With Food Tech, K-One is now the first comprehensive program to address the full poultry value chain’s needs, from chick to chicken. This move is consistent with the Kemin commitment to helping the agri-food industry respond to consumer demand for safe, stable, healthful, high-quality products.”

Adds Cindy Jordan, business development director for Kemin, ”This link between Kemin and Food Tech is particularly timely as the U.S. department of agriculture begins to roll out its five-year strategic plan. That plan calls for ambitious goals for reduction of salmonella on raw meat and poultry products by as much as 50% and more in baseline contamination levels by 2005. The food industry is extremely conscientious in its commitment to providing safe food. Kemin and Food Tech believe that only a comprehensive pathogen reduction program like K-One can accomplish those goals.”

E.W. (Pete) Ellis, President of Food Tech, added, ”We’re excited about this arrangement with Kemin Americas because it allows us to participate as an integral part of a comprehensive pathogen reduction program. Adding our technology to the processing side expands the K-One program into a new dimension. The end result will be a program that addresses not only the antimicrobial concerns of consumers, but also the meat cleanliness issues expressed by the consumer. K-One will now become a significant help in the poultry industry’s pursuit of the ultimate safe product.”

Kemin Industries uses innovative science to produce nutritional solutions for a changing world. Kemin products are used in human food and vitamins, pet food diets, and animal feeds. The company has 800 employees around the world.

Food Technology Service, Inc., based in Mulberry, Florida, is the first irradiation company in North America dedicated to the food market. Since 1993, Food Tech has used gamma irradiation to treat a wide variety of products, including spices, produce, poultry, and food packaging. It is a publicly traded corporation listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange with the trading symbol ”VIFL”. It offers food product manufacturers a reliable, high-quality alternative to in-house resources for the irradiation of their products.

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