“There’s Fast Food. Then There’s KFC. That’s the tagline of the new US$200m ad campaign launching 29 July. The ‘Chicken Fanatic,’ actor Jason Alexander, is on a humorous mission to find people who eat boring and bland burgers, and convert them to Kentucky Fried Chicken devotees.

Cheryl Bachelder, KFC Corporation President and Chief Concept Officer says “KFC is declaring war on ordinary, assembled, mundane fast food. There is no need for consumers to compromise taste and quality for fast food convenience. It’s time America stops calling a burger and fries dinner.”

A full-page print advertisement in USA Today will offer an ‘Eat This’ coupon saying “To rediscover the taste of KFC’s golden, juicy, Original Recipe chicken with 11 herbs and spices, clip this coupon. To remember the taste of an ordinary processed fast food hamburger, eat this coupon.”

It will be interesting to see what the burger giants cook up to fight off this implicit criticism.

By Navroz Havewala, just-food.com correspondent

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