US fastfood chain KFC, part of Yum! Brands, has said its new 99-cent Snacker Sandwich is fast on the way to becoming the most successful sandwich launch in its history.

The KFC Snacker made its national debut in March 2005 and features an Extra Crispy chicken strip, lettuce and pepper mayo on a sesame seed bun. Some restaurants have reported sales volumes as high as 1,000 sandwiches per store per week.

“The KFC Snacker is a huge hit with consumers because it satisfies their need for a high-quality, affordable, portable chicken sandwich,” said Scott Bergren, executive vice president of marketing at KFC.

“The KFC Snacker is an example of how KFC is becoming more relevant to today’s consumers. We are appealing to individuals as well as families with products that are in tune with their lifestyle needs,” added Bergren.