In response to American snackers’ demands for a more satisfying snack experience, Hershey Foods Corporation is launching the “Kit Kat Big Kat” wafer bar into retail venues this summer — but is the public ready for this outrageously sized expansion of the “Kit Kat” brand? If recent history is any indication, the answer is absolutely, positively yes!

As a testament to the irresistible appeal of the bigger, thicker, crunchier “Kit Kat Big Kat,” retailers in England found that “sales outstripped their wildest dreams,” according to one British newspaper’s report on the overseas launch of the new product. An amazing 54 million bars were sold in the first seven weeks of the product’s U.K. launch. Designed to meet consumers’ demand for hunger-busting snacks, “Kit Kat Big Kat” is predicted to be an enormous hit in the United States, too.

Three times thicker and twice as wide as a standard “Kit Kat,” “Kit Kat Big Kat” offers more wafers, more praline, and more chocolate — an all-time favorite flavor combination. With “Kit Kat” maintaining its status as one of the top three candy bars in the United States, retailers are stocking up and anticipating strong public demand for the new product. Fueling the hunger for Hershey’s newest snack sensation will be television advertising, on-air radio giveaways and publicity events. Is your mouth ready for “Kit Kat Big Kat?”

Hershey Foods is the leading North American manufacturer of quality chocolate and non-chocolate confectionery and chocolate-related grocery products and has a variety of international operations.