Kosta’s restaurant in Tremont recently named Robert Elliott executive chef, from sous chef, at the nationally award-winning eatery located in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland.

He replaces Brandt Evans, who is pursuing other career interests.

Kosta’s co-owner Nick Pontikos commented: “Bob has demonstrated over the past few years his diligence, creativity and know-how to sustain and enhance Kosta’s reputation for culinary excellence.”

Elliott is in the final phases of developing his “Underground New American Cuisine” for Kosta’s patrons, which he says will be an eclectic, earthy mix of meats, pastas and seafood, utilizing creative ingredients that are frequently discarded by other chefs. A master saucier, Elliott will carefully develop his “Underground” cuisine with bold and subtle flavor combinations.

He commented: “I strive to prepare dishes that are absolutely unique in taste and presentation. I’m confident Kosta’s patrons will be hard-pressed to taste or to see any other dishes prepared this way in the US. And, I believe patrons will agree that the cuisine is both delicious and innovative.”