US food giant Kraft Foods is to launch a new line of reduced-carbohydrate alternatives to some of its brands.

The new items, which will be unveiled at the annual Food Marketing Institute (FMI) Supermarket Industry Convention in May, will come under Kraft’s new CarbWell brand. The products will include SnackWell’s CarbWell Fudge Brownie, Fudge Striped and Fudge Grahams cookies, Balance CarbWell Nutrition Energy Bars, Post CarbWell Cinnamon Crunch and Golden Crunch Cereal and cereal bars, A-1 CarbWell Steak Sauce and Kraft CarbWell Salad Dressings.

“Through our research, Kraft has discovered that many people are currently watching their carbs, but are not looking to completely cut out their favourite foods – or familiar tastes – from their diets,” said Jennifer Beck, director of health and wellness for Kraft Foods.

Kraft joins many of the country’s main food companies in offering a line of reduced-carb products. Last week, US cereal maker General Mills announced that it is to launch a range of lower-carbohydrate products.

Meanwhile, US low-carb specialist Carbolite Foods has announced it is to launch new low-carb Toaster Tarts. The toaster pastries, which will be available in Frosted Blueberry, Frosted Strawberry and Frosted Cinnamon Bun flavours, contain 80% fewer carbs than Kellogg’s PopTarts, Carbolite said.

Carbolite also announced that it plans to introduce more products in the breakfast foods sector throughout 2004.