US food maker Kraft has announced the launch of three new varieties of its Oreo cookies that contain zero grams of trans fat per serving.

Kraft Foods’ biscuit division said the new products include a New, Improved Reduced Fat Oreo, as well as new Golden Oreo Original and Golden Uh Oh! Oreo.

Kraft said the new Oreo cookies are part of the company’s ongoing commitment to provide products that meet consumer concerns about trans fats.

“Kraft has an aggressive plan in place to reduce or eliminate trans fat levels in our cookie and cracker products by 2004-2005,” said Kevin McGahren-Clemens, vice president in charge of cookies. “We know this is of interest to many of our customers so we are taking these steps to meet their growing and changing needs.”

Kraft said trans fat labelling already appears on some of its products, including Reduced Fat Oreo, the two Golden Oreo varieties and Triscuit. Kraft is adding trans fat information to product packaging on an ongoing basis to meet the 1 January 2006 FDA deadline.