A lawyer who filed a lawsuit seeking to ban Oreo cookies in California because the biscuits contain trans fat has dropped the suit.

Attorney Stephen Joseph said he would not pursue the action any further as he only wanted to draw attention to the dangers of trans fats contained in the popular biscuits.

“We have received thousands of e-mails expressing support for what we have done in advising the public of this problem,” Joseph was quoted by Oster Dow Jones as saying. “But it’s no longer necessary to continue the lawsuit because at the time the lawsuit was filed nobody knew about trans fat. Now everybody knows about trans fat.” 

A spokesman for US food giant Kraft, which makes Oreo cookies, said the company did not believe that courts are the place to make nutrition policy.

“That’s best handled by nutrition professionals and regulatory agencies,” spokesman Michael Mudd said.

Mudd said the suit was filed at the beginning of May and the company was never served with a copy. He reiterated that the company was continuing to research ways to remove trans fat from the biscuits without compromising the flavour and texture.